After talking through my thoughts with Dan and getting an email from Jody, I feel okay saying this: I am frustrated by how overwhelmed and helpless I felt seeing and hearing the things I did in Liberia.

I have never seen such widespread poverty.

I have never seen firsthand bellies swollen because of malnourishment.

I have seen the proud excitement of Jamaicans and Dominicans, and I did not see it in Liberia.

I did not feel a natural affection for the Liberians like I have in other places I’ve been, and I’m frustrated at my lack of genuine compassion.

All I saw make me think in ways I haven’t before about relief aid, and poverty, and vocational training, and corruption, and evangelism, and maternal health. It’s overwhelming, really.

But at the heart of it all, I came back to this. Liberians need Jesus.

“Poverty is rooted in broken relationships, so the solution to poverty is rooted in the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection to put all things in right relationship again.” — When Helping Hurts

Other more uplifting thoughts soon…


4 thoughts on “overwhelmed

  1. My dear Natalie, I havent seen such severe poverty and need as you have. I only watch T.V. or read about it. Your heart has been burdened, and you have responded. Read Matt. 25:40. The Lord is using you, and I am grateful. And now I know better how to pray for you. GM

  2. I think you are really on to something here Squirf. I often hear about people being broken over the severe poverty they encounter and that creates a desire in them to meet their physical needs. I’m excited to hear you recognize the central issue of their lack of Jesus. Everything else is really a secondary issue compared to that, it’s awesome that you have recognized that so fast.

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