I sat down this weekend to spend some time preparing my heart for this trip to Liberia. And I kind of just blanked. I have experiences to pull from, but I’ve heard many times, ‘Africa is different than anything else.’

So I tweeted (the logical thing to do): ‘How does one go about preparing her heart for Africa?’

I got three replies… Two saying, ‘You can’t.’ And one saying, ‘By introducing it to the idea that it may be lost while you are there. It’s the easiest thing, to lose your heart to Africa.’

Ah, yes, okay.

Will you pray for our team as we travel? Pray for safety, health, group dynamics, lasting images in our minds, discernment as to the next steps to help the people we will meet. Pray for an utter reliance on God.

Thanks so much.


7 thoughts on “africa

  1. Someday I’ll get back into Twitter.

    Until then, here’s my advice (for what it’s worth), even though I’ve never been to Liberia (because every country is different):

    Prepare yourself to be loved by the people you encounter. They know how to love with every fiber of their being. As you prepare, prepare yourself to learn to love deeper than you ever have before.

    1. YES, you need Twitter. you would be a great Twitterer.

      and I really appreciate the advice… I’m writing it down promptly.

  2. Natalie, the people of Sub-Sahara Africa are amazing. Their ability to survive as a social unit amidst so many crisis is proof that they have something to teach us about working and living together. Thank you for coming to Liberia with VisionTrust.

    My prayer is that your heart for the world’s neediest children will be made stronger!

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