the transition

As I was writing several class papers on my “process of learning,” I was reminded of the ways writing serves as a thought-processing tool for me. I just don’t think about some things unless I force myself to write them down. And unfortunately, the things I think the least about are the positive things — God’s goodness, His provisions, His sovereignty. Those negative, pessimistic thoughts just come to easily.

So, the past five-ish months in review.

No, it was not easy putting down roots in St. Louis. But yes, it was easier than I expected.

Yes, it is a bit scary moving somewhere I knew no one besides a cousin 40 minutes away. But yes, I am blessed to know the people I have met.

Yes, social work graduate school is different than I expected. But yes, I see why those differences are necessary.

No, the community I have in St. Louis does not look like the community I had for four years in Ames. And no, this is not a bad thing. Yes, it takes a while to realize that what you need as far as love/accountability/togetherness may be different than you thought all along.

And no, just because a church seems like a church you went to previously does not mean God won’t call you elsewhere. Yes, this means listening and obeying.

So it seems my life is going through a transition yet again. New classes, new job, new church, new boyfriend.

But what is not new: my God.

Oh, how thankful I am to serve the One whose faithfulness toward me does not wax and wane throughout the passing of time. My times of faithlessness do not nullify the faithfulness of God. “By no means!” [Romans 3:1-8] He is the same yesterday and today and forever.

So, here I go on this next semester’s adventure. It’s gonna be good.

“Peace holds within itself trust in the Lord, the trust that He governs all things and provides all things, and that He leads towards an end that is good.” [Emanuel Swedenborg]


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