in regards to the new year

A C.S. Lewis paraphrase via Jody:

“Christ wants us to live in the present and in eternity. Satan wants us to live in the past and the future.”

Applying this as I consider the new year.


2 thoughts on “in regards to the new year

  1. This was actually a sentiment I sensed I was needing to grasp recently. Thank you C.S. for putting it into words! (and you for sharing it :D)

  2. Your message reminded me of a eulogy I read in my newspaper recently. I wouldn’t call it an obituary. She apparently kept her maiden name if she ever married. None of her four sons had the same last name as her three “life partners.” “As the quintessential ’60s Boston College student, her stories were filled with war protests, Woodstock and study of the great religions. But as a follower of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation teachings, she found her way back to Iowa.” “Many describe her infectious joy and appreciation for her internal beauty. But externally as well, she was undeniably a beauty. While it drew many to her and left an indelible impression, it also masked some of her internal sadness only shared with a special few. She kept that circle small, even in dying.” I thought to myself, “she had no clue where she was going.” Just reading the eulogy made me sad. I know her mother, brother, and two of her sisters. The newspaper article says no memorial service is planned. How thankful we can be that Christ wants us to live in the present and in eternity!! Lovingly, Grandma M.

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