Want to see a picture of one of the most awesome moments of my life?

First day in Jamaica on a missions trip. My mind was reeling with what the week would hold as we drove to the first school we would visit. Not sure if I’ve ever felt both fear and excitement so strongly in my life.

I stepped out of the van, little girls came streaming out of the concrete, two-room school building, and they surrounded me in one giant hug. I put down our suitcase full of puppets and started to cry. They were chattering and laughing — and pushing — and all I knew to do was smile at them with tears in my eyes and ask them their names.

Oh, you want to see another awesome moment from the same trip?

This little one could not take her eyes off my (very pale) skin. She placed her hand in mine and studied the contrast in colors. She petted by hair and let me pet hers.

One more? Okay.

A picture of baby Malcolm and me on the front steps of the first orphanage I ever saw. I was overwhelmed. And I am still so regretful for not cradling the obviously mentally and physically disabled toddler that was crawling around alone inside.

Ugh... ugh.

And tonight, I’m praying for that toddler, Malcolm, and the other kids at the orphanage. And all the people I met in Jamaica.

So thankful for the ways God allowed that spring break trip to shape my interests and passions right then and still now.


6 thoughts on “jamaica

  1. You are a lovely soul, Natalie. We had similar experiences in Jamaica as well, back in 2006. It made me wonder how people can travel there for the beaches only.

  2. loved all of those children. thanks for the reminder… i’ll be praying for them too. glad you’re on your way to helping kids like that everywhere.

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