the adventure project

Okay. The Adventure Project. You’re gonna get used to hearing about it. Because it is near to my heart. And it matters. And I want to use my little voice for something bigger than myself.

Let me tell you about why you I’m putting my name of this project, why you should be excited, and why you should take a part.

The Adventure Project is a new non-profit launched by two women I know (in real life and in Twitter life). Jody is a friend who has adopted twins from Africa and has raised thousands of dollars for water in developing countries. Becky has worked for charity: water, UNICEF, and volunteered with orphans in Romania.

They have traveled to developing nations, and they have seen what works to…

help save lives

create jobs

and preserve dignity.

The Adventure Project believes we can end poverty in our lifetime by reinventing how we give. Having seen what works, The Adventure Project will introduce four new humanitarian projects each year.

[photos by Esther Havens]


3 thoughts on “the adventure project

  1. This is great! I’m hoping some of your promotions for this highlight the irony of giving a lump of coal for Christmas. Fantastic.

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