another book giveaway

I read There Is No Me Without You in about three days. It’s that good.

It was before I went to Taiwan, when I just wanted to hear about anyone’s life in an orphanage. I heard that and more. I learned about the way the AIDS epidemic decimated Africa and Ethiopia in particular. I heard about a woman who selflessly gave her life to caring for orphans. And I felt myself dreaming for the first time about the possibility of spending more than two months working at an orphanage…

Here’s the review from Publishers Weekly:

“Not unlike the AIDS pandemic itself, the odyssey of Haregewoin Teferra, who took in AIDS orphans, began in small stages and grew to irrevocably transform her life from that of “a nice neighborhood lady” to a figure of fame, infamy and ultimate restoration. In telling her story, journalist Greene who had adopted two Ethiopian children before meeting Teferra, juggles political history, medical reportage and personal memoir. While succinctly interspersing a history of Ethiopia, lucidly tracing the history of AIDS from its early manifestation as “slim disease” in the late 1970s to its appearance as a bizarrely aggressive [form] of Kaposi’s sarcoma in the early 1980s, and following the complex path of medication (a super highway in the West, a trail in Africa), Greene rescues Teferra from undeserved oblivion as well as rescuing her from undeserved obloquy (false accusations of child selling). Ethiopia is home to “the second-highest concentration of AIDS orphans in the world”; even as some of the orphans find happy endings in American homes, Greene keeps the urgency of the greater crisis before us in this moving, impassioned narrative.”

Like last time, leave a comment to be entered. I’ll pick a number at random on Wednesday, Nov. 10, at 5pm. Go!


8 thoughts on “another book giveaway

  1. This book sounds pretty intense. When I was Sierra Leone, it was devastating to see the impoverished state of the many children on the street. Their emaciation was more devastating than any magazine picture could portray and it kills me to this day that they were so helpless and that my hands were tied by some silly rules I had to follow, keeping me from doing whatever I could think of for them.

  2. Wow…this book does seem intense, and probably at times a very uncomfortable read. Thanks for offering up all these books, Natalie! I’m selfish and always like to keep the good ones on my bookshelf. Maybe I’ll have a book giveaway soon, too! 🙂

  3. Maybe if I’m not the first to comment this time, I’ll have better luck? 🙂

    Either way, thanks for letting people know about some great books!

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