It all started when Megan introduced me to his Walker Texas Ranger lever clips.

I love this man.

He’s been flying a blimp around to advertise the new show. And a fan crocheted him this blimp. So cool.

Watch his first show back on TBS this Monday night at 10p CST.


2 thoughts on “monday!

  1. Natalie, I think you’re really cool. Your blog is one of my favorites, and it’s been wonderful “hanging out” with you via social media. Thank you so much for the letter you sent (I plan to write back soon).

    However, I must disagree with you about Conan. Sorry. Hope we can still be friends, but I’ve watched the guy numerous times thinking, “Surely THIS time he’ll be funny,” and I’ve not yet found him to be. Oh well. Different strokes, I guess! 🙂

  2. I’m famous! I loved those clips.. they’ll live forever in my heart. Eeek Conan is wonderful, I’m so glad he’s back 🙂

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