Fun Lately

There have been too many times when school and/or tiredness induced by busyness have caused me to not get to do fun things. Which is good sometimes. But not always. After kicking my time management skills into overdrive, I made time to…

see ‘Psycho’ at the symphony. The St. Louis Symphony plays the score to various movies, in this case ‘Psycho,’ while the film plays on a big screen above them. I had scene the classic scene, but I didn’t even know how the film ends. There had been a costume contest beforehand, so there were lots of Hitchcock characters among the audience. So fun.

wander a corn maze with my community group. We drove about 45 minutes outside of the city to a corn maze. We split into teams to try to complete the trivia questions and go from numbered post to numbered post until we were out. My team was easily confused, so we told riddles and threw corn.

eat at Fast Eddie’s, the largest bar in the Midwest, with my community group. Decent food, horrible service, fairly good live music, and lots of people dressed in costumes. Also fun.

And on Tuesday, Meredith, Sonia, and I have balcony tickets to see J√≥nsi at The Pageant. Among the many joys of living in a big city: “obscure” bands coming through.

So thankful for the time to get to do these things.


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