Austin: Days 1 and 2

Really tired by the time I make it back to my hotel room, so excuse the copy-and-pasting of Twitter posts… But here ya go.

Sat on Mount Bonnell, read psalms, watched the sun set, and prepared my heart for three days of Gospel-centered orphan care information.

Thinking especially of my Taiwan babies today. Each of them had a rough 9 months before ever being born.

‘If we want to become an agent of healing in our children’s lives, we must start with our own healing.’ Michael Monroe

“There is no normal in adoption.” Michael Monroe

Study: babies whose cries are not responded to will stop crying after 30 to 60 days.

Austin so far: bad traffic, Toms, and iPads.

Feeling the effects of my cold, but hunkering down for great speakers from 9a to 8p.

Already feeling so blessed by worship led by Aaron Ivey.

About to hear @EstherHavens speak. I sometimes still dream of being a humanitarian photographer.

“Awareness without action is pointless.” – @EstherHavens

New metric for the church should be ZERO… orphans and kids in foster care in your city. -Dave Gibbons

The church should be more about emptying the orphanages of other countries than helping build them. #t4acon #Gibbons

In 10 yrs, the number of orphans in Ukraine has gone from 300000 to 30000 bc of a movement among the Church. 90% decease!

“Love on display is the ultimate apologetic.” – Francis Schaeffer

Tears, always tears, at these things.


3 thoughts on “Austin: Days 1 and 2

  1. It seems to me that you are already a Humanitarian Photographer!
    I’m glad for your rich experiences at the conference……and hope your cold is better…or gone.

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