More Tweets

While reading for my human diversity class, I keep thinking about The Office’s Diversity Day episode. Must watch it tonight.

Digging into adoption research for the first time… and enjoying reading tons of research articles for the first time. This is good news.

New (huge) magazine, a book on children’s ministry, and an inspiring/encouraging letter from a friend all in today’s mail. Happy about this.

Cinnamon apple-pear pancakes for dinner. And Meredith’s candle lit.

Definitely missing my friends at home. Bah.

Saw my Meredith apprenticeship coworker in a St Louis apartment building lobby! So crazy. Good to catch up.

I think I am falling in love with the sounds of Yann Tiersen. I knew I loved the Amelie soundtrack. But his other stuff? Perfection.

Gotta love a church that plays Mumford & Sons pre-service.

I’m going to Austin in a few weeks. Expecting to have a bit of free time. Any recommendations for stuff to do there?

I sometimes get emotional when I see a baby in an outfit the babies at the orphanage had. Don’t mind me.

Feels great to finally get into practical social work skills.

Looking at jobs in other countries and found this: Taiwan Adoption Advocate. Are you kidding me? Can I graduate and go right now?

First grade of grad school.

“And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.”

Meeting my professor at a bagel shop to talk adoption and foster care. I guess this is what you do in grad school?


3 thoughts on “More Tweets

  1. Always interested to know your thoughts and activity….so glad for your blog! What about the picture of the cute houses in a seemingly quiet neighborhood in today’s entry? It really reminds me of your first home!

  2. Hey, Natalie, Not sure how much time you’ll have or if you’ll have wheels, but Josh and Heidi are in Waco now–about an hour from Austin, I think. I could send you their cell #s.

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