Together for Adoption 2010

At grad school orientation, we heard about the social work program’s professional development department. And how we can petition for them to pay for some of the costs of us going to conferences.

Together for Adoption came to mind. It changed my life last year. And though not directly related to social work, I thought I had a case for applying for funding.

I applied. And didn’t hear back within the four days I was told I should hear back in. So I assumed I wouldn’t get any funding and talked myself into being okay with not going to the conference.

Then a few days ago, nearly two weeks after applying, I got an e-mail saying I had been approved for $200 towards the cost of attending Together for Adoption 2010 in Austin, Texas. Okay, God. I’ll go!

Count on blog posts as I process what I hear there. Different from last year, I’ve now spent time living in an orphanage and caring for orphans. And I’ve now shifted my educational goals to include learning about how I can best meet the needs of adopted children and adoptive families. And, I’m a family ministry intern at a church with a growing interest in foster care and adoption. What I’ll learn at the conference just carries more weight this time around. All this to say: I’m really excited!

[Now, to talk Kayla into going with me.]


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