Balloon Glow

St. Louis continues to delight me with its many offerings. This weekend was the Forest Park Balloon Glow and Race.

Walking up a hill at dusk to 60-some hot air balloons grounded in the middle of a big field made me feel like Alice in Wonderland in a Tim Burton movie. Minus the huge crowd of people, it was mesmerizing.

The balloon owners blow up their hot air balloons on the field the night before the race for people to look at and walk around. It’s not quite as serene as it sounds. Once we got close, I saw how some balloon baskets had to be held down by more than 10 people. The beer bottle balloon (obviously not an ideal shape for a hot air balloon) nearly tipped over on us.

But still, it was so cool to see. A few people would signal the balloon owners to light up the fire in the balloons by blowing a bull horn every 10 minutes or so. Balloons would randomly be lit up at all times. That’s the flashing you’ll see in the video. Oh, and then a bag pipe group circled up right near us and played. So cool. I love this city more each day.

I took some photos with my Lomo LC-A+. Cross your fingers they turn out, and I’ll post them when I get it developed.

[click into actual post for embedded video]


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