Remember the open door I mentioned recently? I’ll tell you about it now.

Before having ever stepping foot in my new church, I e-mailed to see if they took family ministry interns. After watching how Bev and Ted did ministry in Taiwan, I was interested in developing ways I might due future ministry in the U.S. (or who knows where!).  I was told the church did, “on occasion,” take interns and I should fill out their (super-long) application. I did, trusting the Lord would open doors He wanted me to step through.

The family ministry coordinator called me a few weeks ago, saying he wanted to meet with me. We talked in the church’s children’s ministry rooms. And he said they wanted me as their intern for the whole year. I am beyond humbled at the way they have rather blindly believed in me and desired to disciple me as a leader within the church.

The internship is completely flexible and set up so I can explore my interests and gifts all the while being filled and discipled by several of the people on staff. Awesome, right? And such a great way to get involved in my new church.

I can’t wait to start working.

I know I’ll get a top-notch education on social work as it applies to children, youth, and families from Washington University. But so often when I think of these principles and methods I’m learning, I think of faith and the way God so deeply loves children and families. I’m hoping this internship at church will tie together some of these ideas. I’ve already gotten a glimpse of the ways my faith will be challenged throughout my coursework. I’m going to counter every doubt put in my mind with the truths working at the church. It’s all about balance.

They’re printing my “Natalie — Intern” name tag right now.


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