Books, A Magazine, and Essays

I’ve been reading a lot more lately. Maybe it’s a grad school thing. Or maybe I’m finally getting tired of Facebook and Twitter.

In the past week, I’ve finished two adoption memoirs… Baby, We Were Meant for Each Other and From Ashes to Africa. I appreciated hearing a non-Christian perspective of adoption in the first. And I appreciated the Christian perspective of the second. I hope I’m not cornering myself in to a very specific interest of social work, but adoption is very interesting to me.

(If you want to borrow From Ashes to Africa, let me know! I can send it to you.)

And tonight I read the big October issue of Marie Claire and then some theological essays by Francis Schaeffer called Art and The Bible. Sometimes I wish I was a seminary student.

Quotes from Art and the Bible

As evangelical Christians, we have tended to relegate art to the very fringe of life. The rest of human life we feel is more important. Despite our constant talk about the Lordship of Christ, we have narrowed its scope to a very small area of reality. We have misunderstood the concept of the Lordship of Christ over the whole of man and the whole of the universe and have not taken to us the riches that the Bible gives us for ourselves, for our lives, and for our culture.

If Christianity is really true, then it involves the whole man, including his intellect and creativeness. Christianity is not just “dogmatically” true or “doctrinally” true. Rather, it is true to what is there, true in the whole area of the whole man in all of life.

The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars.


One thought on “Books, A Magazine, and Essays

  1. Great post! Excellent words on Christian imagination. I’m reading “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Clairborne and he makes some of the same conclusions. My favorite point he makes is that love requires creativity in order to be most effective. Good luck with your grad school!

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