St. Louis Continued

Unfortunately, copying and pasting my Twitter posts may sometimes be what I resort to. Enjoy…

Fantasy football draft + blurry international Skype chat. The makings of a good night.

Well thank goodness I don’t have to take two years of research methods. This is gross.

I’ve never eaten so much okra.

All the elevators in my apt are out. I live on the 8th floor. Reminds me of MWL fire drills.

Ah HA. New school e-mail system buries undeliverable message notifications. So THAT’S why I haven’t heard from several people.

Letter and gift in the mail from a woman I hardly know who read my blog while I was in Taiwan. In awe of her kindness.

Made crafty cute fabric headbands with the cousins. You know what I’ll be wearing in the next weeks.

If Don Draper cries, I cry. My goodness.

New loves: Trader Joe’s and World Market.

Got film developed for the first time in a long time: …St. Louis is begging me to take more.

Trivia night at Duffy’s.

Rainy day exploring.


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