While in Taiwan, I schemed about my bedroom on a regular basis — furniture bought on sale, long-owned art, craft projects, and color palettes. After three internships at interior design/craft magazines, old habits die hard.

So, for all those who have requested photos… here they are.

Scarf rack: thrifted, NYC map: already owned, quilt and pillowcases: bought on sale, throw pillows: already owned, headboard: made, side table and lamp: bought at IKEA, Taiwan pictures and frame: already owned, bunting: made by Mom.

Curtains: bought, laterns: already owned or bought in Taiwan, frames: already owned.

Desk chair: thrifted and revamped, desk lamp: thrifted, desk: bought on sale.

Old maps (including St. Louis, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Chicago, and the U.S.): found at home, lamp: bought.

Bookcase: bought, mirror: thrifted, bins: bought.

Banner: bought here, frames, art and photos: already owned or thrifted.

Vases and bottles: already owned, thrifted, or bought in Taiwan, little table: bought on sale.

Plant in need of much TLC: bought at Wal-Mart.

Bunting: inspiration here, but made by Mom. (thanks, Mom!)

Here’s hoping this room is conducive for hours of social justice, research methods, human behavior, and social welfare policies studying.

I took step by step photos of my redoing my chair and making my headboards. I’ll post instructions later…


6 thoughts on “Bedroom

  1. I love everything about this room. Where did you find the Portland art? That’s one of my future brother-in-law’s favorite cities…. I’m thinking ahead for birthdays 🙂

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