Autism & StoryCorps

I’m in the process of contacting agencies to set up informational interviews for the spring field work experience (internship) I’m required (and excited!) to do.

One such agency is Touchpoint Autism Services. Though I have no specific work experiences with people with autism, I am very interested in getting such experiences.

If you’d like to pray I be offered and choose an internship that will challenge me as well as fit my passions, I’d appreciate it! This will be a process several months in the making.

Then today, I discovered this:

And this:

Aren’t they great?


One thought on “Autism & StoryCorps

  1. #1 — Mother/son conversation…..very meaningful and insightful.
    #2 — Danny and Annie….very emotional for me…..Aug 29 wedding anniversay….some different circumstances but similiar feelings.
    One card I received said in part “may the memories that you and your spouse created remind you THAT LOVE NEVER DIES.”

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