Please Pray

I’ve mentioned it indirectly, and with the permission of Chris & Amy, I wanted to share with you and ask you to pray. My heart is heavy.

During my last week at the Home, Ted told us a birth family had called and was considering taking back their baby. Similar to Beth’s niece. But this time, I had cared for this baby for eight weeks. I love this baby. And I have seen pictures of her adoptive parents and pictures of her bedroom in the U.S. I know this isn’t about me, but I can’t doubt God doesn’t have something to teach me through this, too.

On one of my last nights in Taiwan, Ted, Bev, the other volunteers and I raised our voices in earnest prayer and pleading for the future of Lillian.

(Lillian was born to indigenous Taiwanese people in the mountains. Bev has told me a lot about them… They are deeply oppressed and discriminated in Taiwan. They face tough futures. The one time I saw an indigenous Taiwanese was in Taipei; he was clipping rows and rows of bushes in 100-degree heat.)

With this in mind, we feel Lillian will have a much better life in the U.S. with Christian parents. But God may have something else in mind. Lillian’s birthmother has felt pressure to keep her and will likely take her back on the court date.

But right now, will you join us in praying during the next four days?

Lillian’s court date will be Wednesday at 10 pm Central time. Please pray earnestly and fervently up until and during that time…

+ Pray the birth mother would have peace of mind as she signs away her parental rights.
+ Please pray Satan will not touch the birth family or be at work in any aspect of this situation.
+ Pray for Chris & Amy’s hearts that they would have peace like a river.

“For I know the plans I have for [Lillian],” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper [her] and not to harm [her], plans to give [her] a hope and a future.”

Read Chris & Amy’s blog post asking for prayer.


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