Return Trip & Requests & Praises

So, ignoring the time change, I get into Dallas three hours earlier than I left Tokyo — fun!

Here’s my itinerary… Prayers during these flights are most appreciated. I’ll be traveling by myself this time around.

Leave Taipei at 10 am Taiwan time on Tuesday, 9 pm Central time on Monday

Arrive in Tokyo at 2:30 pm Japan time on Tuesday, 12:30 am Central time on Tuesday

Leave Tokyo at 6:05 pm Japan time on Tuesday, 5:05 am Central time on Tuesday

Arrive in Dallas at 3:45 pm Central time on Tuesday

Leave Dallas at 6:35 pm Central time on Tuesday

Arrive in Moline at 8:35 pm Central time on Tuesday

Other requests and praises:

+ Safety during travel, health during travel, and an easy time going through customs
+ A smooth transition once home — I’ll have a wedding, trip to Chicago, and lots of packing and organizing right away
+ An easy time with jet lag — I know I’ll have some, but hopefully not too much!
+ Effective court and government processes for several families with court dates, and other families traveling to bring their babies home
+ A servant heart and joyful spirit even until the end

+ A renewed mind and spirit within the past week
+ Two babies being allocated to wonderful, loving, and EXCITED families
+ A newborn boy at the Home — praise God his mother chose not to abort him
+ Opportunities to serve in other ways here at the Home — I’ve been doing several writing and design “projects” for Bev


3 thoughts on “Return Trip & Requests & Praises

  1. Thank you so much for volunteering at THOGL this summer and for keeping this wonderful blog. It has been such an encouragement and a source of peace for me as I can’t be there with T. You truly are a talented young woman! I pray that God will use your talents for His glory.

    We will be covering you in prayer as you journey home and transition into another semester of school.

    Again thank you all that you have done! “We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers. We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Thessalonians 1:2-3

  2. Natalie, take it from me…DO NOT SLEEP on the trip home. If you do…you will be rocked with Jet Lag for awhile like I was after returning home. If you don’t…you won’t struggle as much with it…which was the case for Kristen. Praying you home! Finish strong. Enjoy Taipei!

  3. YOU have fought the good fight, YOU have finished the race, YOU have kept the faith. You truly have been a blessing to those you have served and those of us who you have shared your thoughts with all summer. Thank you! Lots of prayers ’til you’re on Midwestern soil again 🙂

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