Sights I’ll Miss

Sights I’ll miss…

+ Sophie looking over at me and saying her English name and my Chinese name: “Sophie, Mei Hwa”

+ Ing Zhou looking at Ted lovingly

+ Ing Zhou poking out the cooked fish eyes with her chopsticks and eating them

+ babies staring out of cribs at me

+ all the babies sleeping soundly

+ the mountains all around

+ seas of non-Caucasian faces

+ rain dripping off the tiles of the gazebo roof

+ Eli’s theatrical expressions

+ Show Hwa balancing two babies and talking on the phone

+ all the older kids laughing at a TV show together

+ beautiful, exotic flowers

+ families of four on a moped with their dog

+ chunky legs and perfect toes

+ 14 bottles lined up to be made

+ feet and arms sticking out of crib bars

+ smiles from behind pacifiers

+ the brightest green landscapes

+ Gwo Hwei preparing his fishing bait outside

+ piles of fresh, donated fruit at dinner

+ the sky swirled with pink at sunset

+ naked babies squirming on the blanket before their baths

+ curtains flapping in the wind


One thought on “Sights I’ll Miss

  1. Love your post! I was just getting ready to write on your FB wall and say ‘patiently(?) waiting for a new post’ 🙂

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