To-Do List

God has always provided more than enough when I pray for easy transitions during some of the biggest times of my life. Taiwan to home to St. Louis is going to be one of those. Thankfully, I have so much to be excited about. And a God who is ever faithful.

back in the U.S. to-do list:
+ get over jet lag: sleep a lot, but not too much
+ spends lots of time with family and friends
+ get a pedicure
+ stand up as a bridesmaid in a super great wedding
+ continue getting over jet lag
+ visit Chicago: see Aunt Robyn & Uncle Wes’ new house, see Julie’s new baby, go to IKEA, go to the Apple Store
+ begin the possibly long process of sorting and packing my belongings to be taken to St. Louis
+ make some crafty cute projects for my apartment
+ move into my cute apartment with Meredith
+ start two years of grad school


4 thoughts on “To-Do List

  1. I swear we spend half of our free time making up to-do lists for America: to-do for cooking, shopping, activities, and then stuff we actually DO need to do. =)

  2. Umm.. for one… i want to go to Chicago and I definitely want to go to IKEA!! And also… I think you should do some cute crafty blog posts as you go along… ha.

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