Video from Yesterday

Here’s the video of a bunch of separate little clips. Nothing too high quality. I wanted to put a song to it, but didn’t have time, so listen to both of these videos at the same time for the same effect!

Go Do — Jonsi
The sound of this guy’s music just reminds me of Taiwan.

[click into the actual post for embedded video]


4 thoughts on “Video from Yesterday

  1. Great video and great post about yesterday. =) The music video got disabled on your blog, by the way. Can still watch it on YouTube, though! =(

  2. Loved seeing your video and pictures and hearing about the adventures for the day. So glad you were all able to hang out together and experience that while you were there. I’m interested to hear how going thru customs turns out.

  3. Way cool! I love the angles and shots you took. I almost feel like I was there. Oh wait, I will be!! 🙂

  4. Your sigh/grunt when getting up after crouching in a pose by that gold pig is so YOU 🙂 Neat song and I love the beach and your skirt!

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