Short Thoughts: Week Six

Preparing for a busy day tomorrow (the beach! and the cultural center!) and posting this a bit early.

Is this real? I haven’t sweat much at all today. Weird.

Four babies in walkers in a small room = baby bumper cars

A 3.6 earthquake, Washington D.C.? Lame. I’ve experienced 5.7 in the past month!

The kids are back from camp. I’m happy again.

Edited and formatted an e-mail newsletter for the Home yesterday. Old habits die hard.

I miss running errands.

I’m choosing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

For breakfast: Sticky rice and beef wrapped in a bamboo leaf and boiled in water.

Bev estimates I’ve made more baby bottles than the average woman will ever make in a lifetime.

Made friends with a guy my age who grew up in the Home. He’s competed on Taiwan’s version of American Idol and has a record deal. Awesome.

Took the babies on a walk around the lake. Butterflies all along the path and birds chirping. But also extreme heat.

Several court dates for babies this week and next. Please pray the birth moms willingly give up their rights.

After being thrown up on several times today, I finally just started burping the babies angled toward the trashcan.

Going to the beach and cultural center tomorrow! Packing my iPod and sunscreen. A sunburn seems inevitable.

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2 thoughts on “Short Thoughts: Week Six

  1. I always love coming here and reading your thoughts and updates! You definitely earned your caregiver stripes this summer. I’m sure the babies are going to miss you lots in a few short weeks.

    Thanks for the prayers for T’s court date. We are fervently praying for T’s birth mom and that things will go smoothly and quickly.

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