The Babies

Let me tell you about the babies. I really do love them more each day.

I love how dark their eyes are. So dark I can sometimes not even distinguish their pupil from the iris. I can see my reflection in them and understand how they see me.

I absolutely love walking up to their cribs in the morning and seeing them smile so big. And if they’re asleep, I love scooping them up and letting them sleep a bit longer on my shoulder while I make their bottle.

I like pressing my cheek to theirs’ and moving my head with them to get an idea of what they’re seeing. I wish I had more of the childlike wonder they have.

I’m honored to know as much about each baby as I do. I realized how much I know when some new volunteers came recently. I could tell you how each baby prefers to sit, how well they eat, what they like to play with, and how their cry sounds. And I can tell which of the 14 babies is crying by that sound.

I felt a new sort of scared feeling when some of them were pretty sick recently. It was at that point I realized how much I love them.

They all giggle like crazy if I make a certain sound while walking my fingers up to their collarbones and pressing down. It’s like pushing a laugh button.

I try to pray for each baby and their family whenever I feed them. Their family in the U.S. and their moms in Taiwan are always on my mind. Talking to others who come through the Home have made me far more sympathetic to infertile couples and women facing an unwanted pregnancy.

I love the warmth of their little bodies against mine when I squeeze them in my arms. Some like to cuddle much more than others, but they all love to be hugged.

For once, I’m thankful for my big hips. The babies perch there nicely while I’m heating their bottles.

I love being able to meet their needs by feeding them. The seem so desperately hungry until they have a bottle in their mouths. And then they seem so content.

It has been a joy to watch them develop since I got here. Making more expressions, holding their heads up, rolling over, sitting, crawling. It’s truly a privilege to watch.


2 thoughts on “The Babies

  1. Wonder if these babies will remember you……if not your face, I’m sure they will remember your soft but sturdy touch…..and your sweet voice…..
    I trust that soon each will have loving parents and an adequate home where Christ is center!

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