Single and Adopting

I like holding babies, sitting in the kitchen and chatting.

Bev told me today about a single woman who was here volunteering. There had been news that a baby was born with Down’s Syndrome and would be put up for adoption. Bev asked the volunteer if she’d ever considered adopting a special needs baby, and she replied that she wasn’t sure. The woman went upstairs and came down about ten minutes later.

“Was someone calling me down here?,” she asked. “I heard my name called so clearly.” No one downstairs had said her name. But a living, loving God had clearly called her.

And today she has two adopted sons with Down’s Syndrome. And she’s still single and loving her life.

Bev and I talked about single women adopting. And she said exactly what I have said: I much prefer the idea of a single woman adopting to a child living in an orphanage. I spoke up at this point. Like all of us, I have no idea what God has in store for me. But at this point I plan to adopt sometime down the road, married or not.

And then Bev told me about a young, single woman living in Iowa who has adopted. And I got goosebumps.

Not because that’s something I’m going to do anytime soon — no need to buy that van yet, Dad — but because that’s the sort of commitment to a call to care for orphans I find simply remarkable.

Along those same lines, I have to mentioned Katie Davis. She’s my age, single, and the mother of 14 Ugandan girls. Google her name and feel your heart stir. This post was my introduction to Katie, and I recommend it.


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