Short Thoughts: Week Five

a small house down the road

Eating candy for lunch. Sometimes I get tired of Taiwanese food.

Heard twice in one day from two different people: “Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.” Prov. 16:18

ALL the babies are sick. I want to bathe in antiseptic.

One of the babies just sneezed all over my computer screen.

“Do not grow weary in doing good.”

I’m on a cockroach killing spree. Those things don’t scare me.

It’s official! I get to spend my last day in Taipei and my last night in a comfy hotel with air-conditioning! So happy.

We put on the baby girls’ stretchy headbands and danced around. Losing our minds.

Woke up with whatever sickness the babies have. My constant hand sanitizing was in vain.

Major plus to volunteering for so long: I’ve only spent $100 in the past five weeks.

Pineapple ice cream and Taiwan’s own brand of pop as an afternoon snack.

A crawling baby brings a whole new element to this craziness.

Reading Psalms to Abbey to help us fall asleep easily and sleep well. I think it will work…

It’s Show Hwa’s birthday! Getting pizza to celebrate. And conveniently a baker donated a ton of Chinese desserts this morning.

Sometimes I bite my fingernails. Then I realize how much poop, spit up, and baby medicine could be under there.

Absolute highlight of this day: A great conversation with my grandma on Facebook chat.

Blogging has really been the best place to sort out my thoughts while I’ve been in Taiwan. Hoping it’s been meaningful to those reading.

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3 thoughts on “Short Thoughts: Week Five

  1. I like these short quips — insightful & fun! I should learn from this. Sorry that you are dealing with the sickness…the US of A is not exempt. Be glad though; your heart is WELL.

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