Just Today

There’s not much to say about the babies. My days are repetitive. Real repetitive. But instead of getting caught in the possible tediousness of what I’m doing, I stopped today to think about the bits of joy I find in my regular days.

Just today…

I walked toward the nearby lake where there are several sidewalk snack vendors. I ordered a two-scoop ice cream cone for 20 NT (about 60 cents) and sat at their little table under an awning to watch people walking by. When I wasn’t looking, the ice cream vendor turned on a fan and pointed it toward me. I appreciate her thoughtfulness.

At about 10 minutes until the babies’ dinner, they all started crying. We turned up the music — Every Move I Make — and started dancing around the babies. One of the elementary-aged boys was zooming around on his bike outside and saw us. He called over a couple other kids, and they laughed at our desperate craziness.

It rained today after having not in quite a while. Just open up and poured. I stood under the back overhang of the building and looked up to see a huge bolt of lightning right in front of the mountains.

You know how people tap you on the opposite shoulder of the side they’re standing on to watch you look to the wrong side? Gwo Hwei has been doing this to me. So far, he’s gotten me twice. And I have yet to get him. He seems to have eyes on the back of his head. Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Just Today

  1. I gotta get to that ice cream stand before we leave! Unfortunately, they don’t seem to ever be open at midnight.

    I really enjoyed this post. Gave me a great start to the night. =)

  2. Has Gwo Hwei made you any fried shrimp yet? If not…ask him for some…INCREDIBLE TASTING…that is if you like shrimp.

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