Taroko Gorge

I had been looking forward to this Taroko Gorge trip for a while. A full day off, a train ride and lots of good food just sounds so good while in the thick of feeding time and crying babies.

So, highlights…

The train ride — I just sort of love public transportation. And riding along the tracks flanked by mountains and ocean in air conditioning was absolutely spectacular.

Holding this little girl’s hand — Her family was here picking up their 5-month-old son and brought her along. She was adopted from southern China a few years ago, and though she talks quite a lot, we were buds. She grabbed my hand as we wandered around the gorge. She also liked to repeat what I said, including loudly repeating my “goodness gracious” whisper as Ted darted around tour buses on mountain roads.

Delicious food all day long — In order… dan bing (a breakfast crepe), coconut magi (raw floured ball of dough with loose coconut inside), fried rice, mango, dragonfruit (below!), pineapple cake, and strawberry magi.

Drinking fresh spring water — I dipped by water bottle into it, despite there being several people with their feet in the water. It was so clear and so cool.

Looking at God’s beautiful creation — I honestly sometimes have difficulty appreciating beautiful landscapes… I like cities. But this was so easy to appreciate. Soaring rock walls with a river below. Swallows darting in and out of caves. The pictures don’t do justice to the enormity and beauty of this place.

Singing in a cave — Ted took us to a cave where a tribal woman held clandestine church to teach others about Jesus after hearing herself. We sang a hymn, and I watched as the light filtered in onto the ground.

More pictures to come…


3 thoughts on “Taroko Gorge

  1. What a relaxing, refreshing, fun, beautiful trip !! I can see that you and the little girl became close friends. I’m glad for whatever time off you get, but I know how much you enjoy the work you are doing too. LUL, Grandma M.

  2. Wow! The gorge is GORGEOUS! (no pun intended, haha) I love the picture of the people standing out on the landing underneath the hanging rock. SO neat!

  3. beautiful photos, natalie! you are so talented. thankful that we can get a glimpse into your reality. thank you for sharing!

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