Short Thoughts: Week Four

A couple days late, but here ya go…

Many of the older kids are visiting their living/non-abusive relatives for the weekend. I miss them already…

I’m believing and acting.

I’ve said it once, and I was wrong. I’ll say it again, and I think I mean it this time. I am (for the most part) getting used to this heat.

Disgusting, but honest: I realized today my pillowcase has the WORST smell of sweat. Washing it promptly.

New favorite: Realizing how much the babies have changed and developed in the almost four weeks I’ve been here.

Pizza for lunch!!! I think I’m getting spoiled.

I ate a sea slug yesterday. And I discovered I like cauliflower this week.

The four little sisters are all sitting together and chatting in the dining area.

Just had the best nap since I’ve been here, and it’s still looking like I’ll get a day off tomorrow! Thank you, God!

Another earthquake! Not enough to knock anything down, but still enough to shake me awake. I’m not a fan.

Eating candy for lunch. Sometimes I get tired of Chinese  food.

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