Short Thoughts: Week Three

Justin Bieber music video playing at a tea house yesterday. I can’t escape him.

I can rock in a rocking chair with a baby in my arms and rock a rounded-bottom car seat with my foot at two different paces all at once.

For lunch: pig skin and pearl soup. (Pearls = those bubbles at the bottom of bubble tea…)

Fact: I think I’ll likely adopt twins or triplets at some point in my life. It sounds so easy at this point.

Su Li played guitar for the babies this morning, and it really did calm them down. So much better than our overplayed Veggie Tales CD.

Craving today: a Panchero’s chicken burrito. A HUGE one. The Chinese eat too little.

Father from Des Moines who adopted a teenage girl from the Home is here visiting. He spoke candidly about how hard her transition has been.

Two things: 1) I am meeting so many exceptional people through this experience. 2) I am so humbled by all the people praying for me.

I need to live in Taiwan forever, where they tell me my pale skin is beautiful.

Accidentally threw toilet paper in the toilet today. Yes, you heard me right. Can’t flush anything here.

Encouragement sometimes comes from the oddest places.

Taco salad for lunch… with cucumbers and rice! Seriously delicious.

A good friend had a trip moved up and will be in East Asia by THIS WEEKEND. Man, do I want to go visit him.

Having a metal chopstick fall on your foot really does hurt a lot.

Sitting with a baby while the others are at devotions. I can hear them loudly singing Hillsong’s “One Way” in Chinese. Teary-eyed again.

On my shirt right now: Watermelon juice, eggplant baby food, spit up, sweat, dirt. I’m so glamorous.


5 thoughts on “Short Thoughts: Week Three

  1. YOU really are beautiful……pale skin and dirty shirt……I’d like to hug you right now! Thanks for sharing so vividly.

  2. I am new to the blog scene and found your blog through a topic search for New York — love your pictures by the way! I was touched by your recent posts from Taiwan and your posts on scripture references. I am on my own spiritual journey (aren’t we all??) and just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you and the children. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are so talented! I’m picturing you rocking multiple babies at once. Haha

    Second, um is that post from “jules” up there like a dream come true? You’re on your way to having a famous blog 🙂

    The colors of Taiwan are gorgeous. Vivid!

    Who is coming to East Asia?!

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