Feeling the need to bring some levity to this blog. Please know I do laugh and enjoy myself here.

There’s a high school aged boy at the Home I don’t see often. The first time I saw him, though, I knew he looked like someone. Just couldn’t quite tell who. But I knew this someone wasn’t Asian.

I’ve observed him from afar multiple times. He seems to be pretty removed and introverted. He was once tinkering on the piano, playing basic songs in a rather serious, intentional way. Another time he was watching the fish in the fish tank intently for several minutes. He just seems kind of… moody and deep.

Then today, I went over to the other side to get cold water from the water dispenser. After filling up my bottle, I turned and he was standing quietly behind me. He gave me a weird look, then lowered his eyes to fill his own bottle.

And then I realized… He looks (and acts!) like Robert Pattinson.

Abigail came recently to volunteer. She’s great. She quickly told me she loves Twilight and is definitely “Team Edward.” I quickly told her I don’t like Twilight, and we had a good laugh about our different tastes in movies. Then I told her about the Edward Cullen look alike on the other side of the Home. I subtly pointed him out at dinner, and she wholeheartedly agreed.

We want to capture a secret picture of Taiwanese Edward Cullen sometime soon…


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