Short Thoughts: Week 2

Short thoughts from the past week. And “short thoughts” actually equal Twitter posts.

Bit into what looked like a cinnamon roll, but it was sour and had an unidentifiable meat inside.

Fed Hope, who is going home to Iowa soon, and told her all about our great state. Highlights: ISU, Jordan Creek, and corn.

Fact: No matter what you do to a Chinese baby’s hair, it will still only stick straight up.

Was getting used the the heat until it’s 100 DEGREES today. Ugh. Sweaty me, sweaty babies.

Showhwa came to visit on her day off and got pooped on. She is still smiling, though.

I’m to the point where I can identify the babies by their cries.

Kalyn and Adrian saw a monkey last night. I want to see one so bad, I keep thinking I hear them.

Just as emotional as adoptive families seeing baby? Birth families seeing the baby. Emotional morning, but three successful court dates!

Our two 6-month-old boys are the size of 1-year-olds… These babies are fed well.

Squid for dinner. Five-year-old Ing Zhu showed me her inky tounge after eating a whole one.

After being unable to quiet down three babies in a row, I remembered why past volunteers say this is the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

I love baby bath day. Sixteen wet little ones wrapped up in towels.


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