The Older Kids

I’ve said I thought one of the hardest parts of this experience would be seeing the older kids here.

Often times, they have a parent, but their parent is not fit to care for them and will not give up her right as a parent. This means they can’t ever be adopted.

I have observed them a lot during dinner time and devotions. I’ve seen tears and fights, but they really are well cared for.

But absolutely nothing or no one here will ever be able to fill the need for the love of a family. Period.

The babies being here don’t make me sad. They’ll spend about six months here and go home to a loving family. But some of these older kids have grown up here.

I’ve found great irony and sadness in the English writing on some of their shirts. One boy had an Iowa shirt, which we had fun talking about.

But two others: “Mommy’s Little Angel” and “I Think I Need A New Life.”

Makes my heart hurt.


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