Short Thoughts: Week One

Short thoughts from the past week…

Best packing decisions: earplugs, sleep mask and Kindle.

I love the little noises 17 sleeping babies make. They kind of remind me of kittens.

Had a great devotion time of us holding babies, singing hymns a capella, sharing God stories and taking communion.

Learned the Home doesn’t ask for money or buy food for babies or older kids. They just pray. And what they need comes in by way of donation.

Was looking forward to some super cheap, cute shoes, but I think may 9.5 size feet may be a problem.

Just had a dream I was one of these babies’ foster parent. Wish it was real.

I judge when it’s time to shower by when my head gets itchy. Is that disgusting? (Yes, I know it is. Too. Little. Time.)

I most certainly have heat rash on my arm where I usually hold the babies to feed them. Guess I’ll just put baby powder on it?

I now hear crying even when there is none. Like feeling you’re in the wave pool while laying in bed after spending the day at a waterpark.

I despise having anything under my fingernails. Today, I got baby poop under my fingernail.


3 thoughts on “Short Thoughts: Week One

  1. Some day your heat rash and itchy scalp will remind you of the good old days !! That plus your finger nails must mean you’re loving your work.
    HoGL sounds like a great place. LUL, Grandma M.

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