Chicken Nuggets

I’m known to be a chicken nugget lover.

And tonight, just as I was thinking I’d be hungry by not eating much of the Chinese food, we had chicken nuggets. They were identical to McDonald’s nuggets. Cold, but delicious.

And watermelon. And mango. And pineapple.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Nuggets

  1. Yes! Ha. The chicken nuggets! Once you get into the groove of things you will hear that you all are having that and you can go to the kitchen and snatch a few hot fresh ones!

  2. I celebrated YOU tonight with oriental chicken with vegetables and rice from Hy Vee take out. Thought of you while I ate! I’m sure you are enjoying the fruit…..I settled on grapes…..I need another chance with mango…..I thought I didn’t like that when we were in Belize 😦
    Be sure of our love and support ….. we hang on every word. ~Gram A

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