First Post from TAIWAN

I’m here. And exhausted. And sticky. And happy.

Was feeling a little overwhelmed and homesick, but I walked in to see several newborns in car carriers all over the Home. All sleeping soundly. (For a while, at least — someone is not happy right now.)

It’s 3:30 am, and I’m wide awake and wondering how I’m going to sleep in this heat. So continued prayers are appreciated…

A few quick notes, but more later:
+ Worries about missing a flight due to thunderstorms were all in vain. Should have known better than to worry.
+ I experienced turbulence so bad a few overhead bins flew open.
+ I was offered sake several times by an older man sitting next to me.
+ I only slept a few hours, but the trip actually seemed to go by pretty quickly.
+ Anna, who helps out here, as well as Showhwa and Jen Jen were there to pick us up. Can’t express how great it was to see them smiling and waving and yelling our names amidst a crowd of others.


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