Tomorrow, Tomorrow

As if you didn’t already know… ha.

And well, I won’t really be there tomorrow, but I will leave for there tomorrow.

I’ve been posting my blog link on Facebook and Twitter, and sending it in my e-mail updates. So I should say this:

I’m not blogging this summer to bring attention and glory to myself and what I’m choosing to do for two months.

I’m blogging to magnify the glory of God, who calls us to care for orphans in their distress as He cared for us while we were still Fatherless sinners. Who loves each one of these 20-some babies at HoGL and each one of the 147 million orphans in the world. Who knit them together in their mothers’ wombs so they could be born and live. And cared for by the Church as we are called to do.

I do hope by blogging I entertain you with whatever adventures this country and these babies are about to take me on.

But I hope even more that I will cause you to consider our mighty God’s heart for orphans and the oppressed. Because, seriously, he is so mighty and so good.

[Following Jody‘s blog was absolutely what got me initially interested in orphans/adoption. I feel like it’s my duty to blog about this in the hopes that I’ll cause someone else’s passion to rise.]


One thought on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow

  1. You have expressed yourself very well and many of us are considering orphans in a much different light…..God’s command to care and act in obedience. Be sure Linda and I are reading your blog with intensity!
    You are loved (and prayed for) constantly, Gram A

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