St. Louis Foster Care

I know coming back from Taiwan will be hard. I know I’ll cry. But, I’m thankful for a move to St. Louis to attend a great graduate program and church. It will give me something to look forward to when I only want to look back on my experience at the Home.

Just now, I clicked a blog link posted by a pastor at what is likely my future church.

And it hit me harder than I expected.

My love and passion for the city of St. Louis is growing.

In the city of St. Louis, there are 926 foster kids.
That’s a 7-mile by 11-mile area.  Want more?
Within 5 years, around two-thirds of those kids will be homeless, in jail, or dead.

How much help do those kids have?
Well, there are only about 150 licensed foster families in the city.  There are about another 130 in the county for another 800+ kids.

Do those foster families have help?
In the city, there are only 7 respite families who can provide babysitting, support and resources for those 150 foster families.  Seven.

Who are these kids?
The largest group of kids is between the ages of 10-14.
The second largest group of kids is between the ages of 14-18.
Somewhere around 90% of them are black, and unfortunately for them they were born in one of the most racially divided cities in America.”

He goes on to share five ways the residents of St. Louis, and all of us, can get involved and says…

“A local church directory says there are around 600 churches in St. Louis City (not sure how accurate that is). What if only one family from each church adopted one kid?  That’s 600 kids with homes.  What about the 270 churches in West St. Louis?     That’s just one family in each church.  North County?  St. Charles?  South County?  One church.  One family.  Our city.  What could we do?”

Read the rest of Josh Dix’s post here.

[quotes via JoshDixOnline]


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