Passions and Advocacy

Thinking lots of about passions and advocacy lately. It’s hard not to when you’re going into a field dealing so heavily with social justice.

I used to say I was really only passionate about my God and my family. I’ve been told I’m extremely even-keeled and not easily excited about much. But you know what? It’s easy to be excited about a lot of things when you’re pursuing a better understanding of Jesus’ heart.

Thoughts and questions on the topic…

+ Passions connect people. I’ve made friends I would not have otherwise made through an interest in orphan care. Example: Kayla. It is a pure joy to watch God guide the steps she and her husband are taking. And I’ve grown closer to Kristen and Mike through sharing in their journey to adopt Samuel.

+ Passions are in vain if they outshine a passion for Christ. Seriously. There are a multitude of reasons Jesus is my “ONE consuming passion” and “magnificent obsession.”

+ Caring strongly about something should lead to advocacy for that something. I’ve been introduced to the term “orphan advocate” in the past year. Felt weird to consider myself to be an orphan advocate at first, but I’m all for it now. (Check out this post on orphan advocacy)

+ When do you passions become too much? When are they annoying to those around us?


One thought on “Passions and Advocacy

  1. Wonderful observations… are on track…..way to go! Helping me get a better focus these days and that is so helpful. Grandad would be so proud…..we are blessed and you are loved.

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