Fun and Not Fun Between Now and Graduation

So, the blog is updated. Check out the spiffy tabs at the top. Never mind the fact that I did all this while I should have been studying.

Speaking of which…

Fun and Not Fun Things Between Now and Graduation

+ 1 last apprenticeship seminar

+ 1 apprenticeship reception in Des Moines

+ 1 super-sweet worship concert, Anthem (!!)

– 3 online biology quizzes

– 1 video art studio assignment

– 1 last update of one of our campus magazine’s websites

+ 1 bachelorette party

+ 1 last night at D6

+ 1 last James & James show

+ 1 last leaders connection group get-together at The Cafe

– 3 course evaluations

– 3 final exams for Human Biology, Biodiversity and Art History Since 1700

+ 1 huge graduation celebration with close friends at the state park

– who knows how many hours of moving out

+ 1 walk across a stage


One thought on “Fun and Not Fun Between Now and Graduation

  1. Natalie, I like your new blog design! I just sent you a graduation card via your parents because I wasn’t sure where you would be. We’re praying for you.

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