Washington University

Here it is:

I’m officially going to Washington University in St. Louis* this fall!

Yes, the time at Boston College was pretty good. Yes, I like Boston*.

But it comes down to this… Washington University will offer me more experience, opportunities, and options. And I can see myself there. I can feel myself falling in love with the city and its people.

I’m blown away by the Lord’s provisions. When I told people I wasn’t sure I would get in anywhere, I really meant it. I’ve taken a pretty atypical, spontaneous journey to get to this day, and I was sure it would work in my disadvantage. But silly me to spend so much time thinking about what to expect from God.

He provided beyond what I expected.

And non-coincidentally, this came during a time when I’ve been seeking Him and listening to Him beyond what I had been.

I get to live within five hours of my parents and grandma. I get to live within half an hour of my cousin, her husband, and their sweet Taiwan baby. I get to meet new, amazing people. I get to explore a new “big” city. I get to spend two years at one of the best social work programs in the U.S. learning about an issues close to Jesus’ heart. I get to have direct, one-on-one meaningful interactions with children and families He loves.

And all praise and honor and thanks be to God.

*I liked Boston, but I still love New York City. I think it will forever be my favorite East Coast city.

*Is it St. Louis or Saint Louis? Or does it depend on how it’s used? I must find out.


3 thoughts on “Washington University

  1. Such good news….glad you have been able to make the big decision….God does direct in wonderful ways….I’ve been experiencing His wonderful provision….even as I have prayed for you. God blesses me because of you! LOVE

  2. I found your blog, Natalie!! Just wanted you to know that your readership is growing! Thanks for the verses from The Message.

  3. Natalie, Looks like your Aunt Linda is “on board.” Earlier I wrote that I like the “Living Bible Translation” …. that’s not correct …. it is NLT or “New Living Translation.” and not to be mistaken for the “Living Bible” paraphase. I must learn to be more accurate. 🙂

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