Mr. Samuel Louis Myers

Would you pray please?

My cousin, Kristen, and her husband, Mike, are adopting this sweet little guy from Taiwan. At 2 am Central time tonight (3 pm in Taiwan), Samuel will be taken to court in Taipei. His birthmom will see him for the first time since the day he was born and hold him. And if all goes as planned, their adoption will be recognized by Taiwan, and they will travel to get him shortly!

Pray! Right now. For real. Thanks.

edited to add: The court hearing went off without a hitch! Samuel’s birthmother and her parents were all present, and they were all in agreement that Samuel should be adopted by Kris and Mike! Praise God.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Samuel Louis Myers

  1. Yay! Little Sammy (is it okay if I call him that?) cracks me up – his laughing smile just jumps out of the picture atchya! Truly is an all-star. Praising God for sure.

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