James 1:27

Remember this photo of the sweet babies at Home of God’s Love in Taiwan?

I didn’t know it when I posted the photo. But those babies are about to have an even greater impact in my life.

I’m going to Taiwan this summer for about 8 weeks. To take care of the babies at Home of God’s Love.

A couple months ago, when I was considering what to do this summer, I felt volunteering at an orphanage firmly laid on my heart. When I began to pray about where I should go, Taiwan (where my cousin and her husband are adopting from) was repeatedly brought to mind. I prayed for peace of mind, an easy path and that if this desire was not from God, that he would take it away.

He didn’t take it away. And within 3 hours of e-mailing Home of God’s Love, I heard back. And now, within two weeks, I’m going. I’m excited to serve in a way that is very needed and not just for my own enrichment — just heard there are now 20 babies at the home and very few volunteers.

I truly cannot wait to live out James 1:27, connect with Taiwanese people and fellowship with the other staff at the children’s home this summer. Come quick, June.

And let me say it again: God is good.


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