Hurt & Wonder

I cannot believe the hurt and wonder I feel right now.


The words I’ll find are rather inadequate, but here goes: I cried last night and I cried today reading, watching and listening to news coverage in Haiti. I heard of a young couple who were adopting from Haiti, had met the little girl they were adopting, were going to pick her up next week, and who found out today she had been killed during the earthquake.

My heart hurts for the Haitian people. I heard someone say they are extremely strong but not strong enough for this. I’m saddened that this has been what it took for many people to turn an eye to a small country — a needy country —  just a 45-minute plane ride away from Miami.


God has been orchestrating phenomenal coincidences in my life lately. I have made major decisions due to these, and I have met amazing people.

Monday night, the night before the earthquake, I was researching orphanages to work at this summer. I looked at a few, but the orphanages in Haiti stuck out to me. On MONDAY night. I prayed for Haiti and watched this video.

One orphanage in particular caught my eye. And today, I see a blog post from an organization I know well that shows Matt Lauer interviewing the kind woman who runs that orphanage.

I feel now, more than ever, I should be in Haiti this summer. Fifteen percent of children in Haiti are orphaned or abandoned. 200,000 orphans live in orphanages. And those numbers have without a doubt grown tremendously due to the earthquake devastation. I see a need, and I’m going to meet it.


It will be easy for you to find a way to help. Here are just a few that have stuck out to me:

Red Cross’ International Response Fund

Compassion International

Bethany Christian Services (select ‘Haiti – Earthquake Recovery in the drop-down menu)


“Then the singing began. Those gathered outside tents, on lawn chairs, sitting in the middle of empty streets, sang their hymns. One phrase in Creole could be heard repeatedly both inside and outside the hospital walls, as if those voicing the words were trying to make sense of the madness around them.

“Beni Swa Leternel,” they sang. ‘Blessed be the Lord.'”

from ‘In Haiti, Survivors Search for Dead’ via New York Times


One thought on “Hurt & Wonder

  1. So heartbreaking. The huge outpouring of relief aid is so inspiring, though.. I hope you do get to go to Haiti this summer!

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