Chain of Events

Here’s a chain of events.

Jane reads Natalie’s blog. Jane tells Natalie about a conference. Natalie goes. Natalie learns about ABBA Fund. Natalie contacts ABBA Fund to volunteer. Natalie speaks with Jason at ABBA Fund, who was also at the conference. Jason asks Natalie to write a piece for the conference’s blog regarding her heart for orphans. Kayla reads the piece after seeing a link to it on Twitter. Kayla contacts Natalie after seeing she’s from Iowa. Natalie and Kayla realize they work at the same place and have actually met before.

And now, two like-minded 20-something girls from the middle of Iowa “meet” again via Twitter/Facebook/a blog. God’s coincidences are just so great.

Here’s the post that starts the last half of this chain of events.


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