the conference: what it means

Jamaica, spring break 2009

Jesus has a heart for the orphans, so I will, too.

“Why go to the conference now?” “What does this mean for you?”

I’ve been asked these things a few times since coming home.

This is what all this means to me:

+ I should be developing a Gospel-centered vision for how my future marriage and family will serve the orphans.

+ I should be financially and prayerfully supporting orphans and families who are adopting.

+ I am challenged in my views. I went thinking maybe I’d adopt or kid or two, now I think maybe I should adopt more, maybe I should adopt older children, maybe I should do foster care. Luckily, as I wait on the Lord he will reveal these things to me.

+ I am reminded that my life is not my own. I’ve seen within myself thoughts of a career-oriented life pushed aside.

Simple, really. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go and learn with like-minded Christians. So touched by the stories I heard and the little faces I saw.

Thanks again, Jane, for giving me the heads up. Thanks, Alex, for sharing the experience with me.


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