Money Saving Attempts

ways I’ve saved money:

+ Student discounts at museums and movie theaters are great. I’ve found that they sometimes still have them, even if it’s not posted. Just gotta ask.

+ My roommate, Emily, is interning at Christie’s auction house, and therefore, gets a pass for herself and a friend for free entrance into several art museums. We used it at the Met on Friday.

+ The cafe at work is reasonably priced. After I spent $10 at Lenny’s for a turkey sandwich, I decided I’d try to stick with lunch at Hearst. I don’t like being stuck inside all day, so I often take my food to go and head to the fountain or a park.

+ Fruit stands always trump grocery stores in NYC. They’re almost always more fresh and are ALWAYS cheaper.


way I’ve tried to save money:

+ I need a good pair of commuting shoes with padding and a bit of arch support. I found the perfect pair online, but I know not to order unless I’m sure of my size. Macy’s has them, but for $30 more than I found online. I headed over there regardless, to figure out my size, but they were out when I finally braved the madness of that store. And they couldn’t tell me when they’d be getting more… so for now, no shoes.

way I haven’t saved money:

+ I feel the need to “introduce” friends to Pinkberry. The trips have become a little less frequent, however. I might be getting sick of it?

+ I’ve sort of trained myself to want a coffee every morning from Starbucks. I’m trying to replace that coffee with a big old glass of free water at work. One day successfully down, many more to go…

+ Several days ago, I realized I was missing several of my essential clothing items — a brown cardigan, a gray tank top, etc. I wore the brown cardigan all the time to stay warm at work… so when it didn’t show up for a few days, I bought a new one at H&M. Then, just now, I went down to the laundry room and discovered a pile of my missing clothes. Oops. Money wasted.


Read the past ways I’ve saved/ways I haven’t.


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