Brooklyn & Blockheads

outside the entrance
outside the entrance

Hallie and I jumped on the train to Brooklyn to go to the Renegade Craft Fair this Saturday. Many of the artists/crafters their sell their goods on Etsy. There were over 250 booths with lots of t-shirts, prints, jewelry, handbags and… mustache things. Also seen: small dogs, lots of cute babies and really hip people. (The fair was in the artsy, young area of Brooklyn).

I made it out with only one purchase ā€” a zippered clutch made by Emily of Applecart.

purchase on the windowsill
purchase on the windowsill

After exploring the area for a bit, we grabbed some ice cream because it was so toasty out. (Yes, Mom, I got a little sunburned. But I now have a Post-It on my desk that says ‘sunscreen.’) Then, we headed to what is debatably my favorite NY spot ā€” the Brooklyn Bridge.

with Manhattan in the background

That night, I joined up with Hallie and her roommates for a late dinner at a nearby Mexican place that offers free chips and salsa (which is unusual in NYC).

at Blockheads
at Blockheads

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