Today I…

+ Saw Gayle King

+ Experience a very high-tech elevator. There were no buttons on the inside.

+ Joined a very hip gym with my roommate. Classes include Chisel, Speed Demons, Rear Attitude, Urban Street Fighting and Surfboarding.

+ Found and iPhone on the sidewalk and found its owner

+ Met (for the first time) a girl who I should have met before now. We go to the same school, have the same major, go to the same church and know a lot of the same people.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. Whoa – so how exactly did you work the elevator? Just pushed all the right buttons before you got in? Or it read your mind? Please tell me it’s the last one!! 😉

    Also, surfboarding?! Way cool.

    1. outside of the elevator bank, there is a keypad with numbers 0-9. you type in your floor and then the screen flashes the lettered elevator you should get on. too cool.

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